Coke Removes Dasani From British Market

The article below should be of vital interest to those people who believe that bottled water equates to purified water. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and 40% of bottled waters are treated waters from municipal supplies, usually filtered to remove the taste and odor, but very infrequently are bottled waters actually purified.

While there are a few bottled waters that do actually meet the "purified water" classification, many use misleading language like "100% pure refreshment" to lead consumers into believing the water is actually pure.

At Pure Water Systems, we're happy to see people increasing their water consumption, substituting water for soda, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. This is an important step in maintaining and improving health. However, you can save a lot of money and drink the absolute purest water available if you fill your own bottles with pure BEV quality water from one of our PWS™ BEV Series systems.


Excessive bromate levels prompt move.

After criticism that its Dasani water was simply treated London tap water, the Coca-Cola Co. (NYSE: KO) has withdrawn the product from the British market saying that the product recently tested positive for unacceptable levels of bromate, a possible carcinogen according to the U.K.'s Food Standards Agency.

Coca-Cola says the contamination stemmed from its process to add calcium chloride to meet U.K. calcium requirements for bottled water products. Since calcium chloride is a derivative of bromide, the process created unacceptable levels of bromate. The beverage giant voluntarily recalled the product from the British market; Dasani debuted in Britain in January this year. Coca-Cola has not said when it will return Dasani to the U.K. market, according to a Mar. 19 Reuters article.

Last month, the company took some heat from critics who said its claim that Dasani is "pure" was misleading since the product is merely treated London tap water. Despite the fact that many bottled water sellers package treated tap water, the Food Standards Agency concurred that Coca-Cola may have been misleading consumers by using the word "pure."


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From LOHAS Journal Weekly, April 2, '04

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