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A great deal is made these days about alkaline water, and there are a great many who advocate consuming alkaline water as your primary source of drinking water, including claims that it helps reduce aging and prevents cancer. Unfortunately, there is no critical scientific evidence to support any of the claims made by manufacturers and promoters of water alkalizing machines.

A quick search of the Medline literature shows 6 references to "alkaline ionized water" all from the same Japanese group. The scientific literature showed that when given to pregnant or nursing rat females and offspring, the animals grew faster. However, they also reported significant cardiac muscle pathology. No other data were presented, certainly none on increased life span or reduced risk of cancer.

Those who support the theory your body is too acidic (i.e. progressing towards a disease state) and therefore needs to be alkalized often fail to appreciate of role of the kidneys in keeping our internal environment in balance. The major functions of our kidneys include:

As they go about these activities they remove many materials from the blood, return the ones the body requires, and eliminate the remainder in urine. The kidneys filter the blood in our bodies about 60 times per day.

Among the substances reabsorbed by the kidneys are water, glucose, amino acids, and ions such as sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, and phosphate. This reabsorbtion allows the body to retain most of its nutrients. Among the substances secreted by the kidneys are hydrogen ions, ammonia, creatine, and certain drugs. This secretion rids the body of certain minerals and helps control normal pH. (Tortora, 1992, Principles of Human Anatomy, 6th ed.)

If your body were in desperate need of alkalizing minerals like calcium, then certainly obtaining small quantities from drinking water would not solve your problem and you should be eating a lot more foods rich in calcium, or taking supplements.

An excellent discussion of calcium in the diet can be found in this article "Boning Up on Calcium" found on the web site of Alternative Medicine Magazine. After reading this article it should be apparent that buffering stomach acidity by drinking alkaline water (i.e. contains large amounts of alkalizing ions of calcium, etc.) might have negative side effects in actual calcium uptake.

It is vitally important to remember considering pH alone does not provide a thorough indication of water quality. This is one area where Prof. Vincent's work is of critical importance—considering pH without considering rH2 and resistivity does not provide genuine insight into the bio-compatibilty of drinking water. By far the most important factor is purity, and water alkalizing machines require the water to contain high volumes of minerals or they cannot separate the water into acid and alkaline components. If the water does not contain the needed ions, they must be added. This is contradictory to drinking absolutely pure water.

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Special Notice:

At Pure Water Systems, we believe first and foremost the purity of your drinking water is of utmost importance. Alkaline water isn't worth anything if it contains toxic contaminants that interfere with immune system functioning.

The tiny carbon filter in alkalizing machines only slightly reduces the concentration of toxic organic contaminants often found in tap water.

We believe it is more important to completely remove any and all toxins, and the PWS™ BEV Series perform this task better than any other purification system on the market.


Many of you have asked us if we offer an alkalizing water machine. These machines are typically quite expensive, usually ranging in price between $500 and $4000. Since we believe your water's purity is so vitally important, our R&D team has been investigating high quality and cost effective methods to increase the alkalinity of extremely pure BEV quality water.

Our research team has now created an add-on module that will create medical grade ionized water and increase the alkalinity of ultra-pure BEV quality water. The resulting pH is typically pH 9.5.

Our new and proprietary pHPlus™ module requires no electricity to operate, and is easily added to any of our BEV-Series systems.

Call us and we will be happy to discuss this new product with you. For the price of an alkalizing machine you can now have piece of mind your alkaline water was made from the purest water on earth.

See the info sheet for our new pHPlus™ Module (259 Kb)

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