Pure Water Systems BEV-Series Drinking Water Filters / Purification Systems
have been laboratory tested and certified to conform to the
BEV standards for purity and bio-compatibility.

— Is My Drinking Water Pure?


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Ultra Pure BEV Drinking Water
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Probably not! In 1985 National Geographic reported: "Since 1950, we've disposed of six billion tons of toxic throwaways in or on the land, steadily increasing our potential exposure to chemicals (from contaminated tap water) that can cause cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, nerve disorders, blood disease, and damage to liver, kidneys or genes."

US Environmental Protection Agency 

And the situation hasn't improved. The National Institute of Health recently estimated our environment accounts for 50% of cancer risk. There are more than 3,800 chemicals in daily use, many of which make their way into our water. Less than half of these have been tested for toxic effects in humans and less than 10% have been tested for toxicity to children. Chances are you won't be aware of any of these chemicals in your next glass of water—practically all toxic contaminants are tasteless, odorless and invisible. While they may not make tomorrow morning's coffee taste bad, they might trigger some chronic disease a decade or two from now.

The only practical solution is to make your home drinking water safe at the point of use. The PWS™ BEV-Series combine carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, and deionization that, when carefully matched using the finest components, are capable of producing BEV water—the purest and most biologically compatible drinking water.

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