Pure Water Systems BEV-Series Drinking Water Filters / Purification Systems
have been laboratory tested and certified to conform to the
BEV standards for purity and bio-compatibility.

The Role of Ultra Pure BEV Water in Detoxification, And Its Impacts on Health, detox regimes, detox programs, and heavy metal detoxification. Pure Water Systems Drinking Water Purification Systems, superior to reverse osmosis alone.

Ultra pure BEV water plays an vital role in [heavy metal and xenobiotic] detoxification through its action as an electronegative enhancer. Pure Water Systems Drinking Water Purification Systems, superior to reverse osmosis alone

Pure BEV Drinking Water Enhances Heavy Metal Detoxification

Heavy metal detoxification regimes (programs) are aided tremedously by consumption of very large amounts of pure BEV water.

BEV Water Systems (Purifiers Purification Filters Filtration) produce ultra-pure drinking water, superior to reverse osmosis alone.

Pure Water Systems BEV Drinking Water Purification Systems are superior to reverse osmosis alone. Reverse osmosis alone fails to remove all contaminants, leaving traces of heavy metals and fluoride, radionuclides, and nitrates.

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— The Role of Pure BEV Water In Detoxification

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PWS™ BEV Series Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Drinking Water Purifiers are Satisfaction Guaranteed

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