When we diet, our bodies destroy fats and require even more water to eliminate the waste produced than under normal conditions. Drinking adequate amounts of water when dieting significantly improves weight loss, conserves muscle tone, and keeps the skin supple. Paradoxically, it also minimizes water retention. Without adequate water, many adverse effects occur that slow our ability to loose weight.

Weight loss is primarily the result of our liver converting stored fat into usable energy. This process not only requires sufficient water intake, but also can be greatly accelerated by consuming an abundance of pure BEV drinking water. Water also suppresses the appetite naturally and helps digest our food properly.

When we consume too little water the upper and lower intestine have reduced ability to absorb nutrients. The result is that most of the value of our foods and supplements are lost and pass through our body without being properly digested.

Sugars and carbohydrates are easier to digest than other nutrients like protien, so without enough water, we add calories without nutrition. Food cravings are primarily the result of nutrient deficiencies—it's our body's way of telling us we need something. If our food is not properly digested nutrient uptake is not sufficient and the body responds by telling us we need something more through food cravings.

When we drink too little water, the body reacts and starts to retain water. This can lead to swollen hands, legs and feet. But when we drink enough water our bodies eliminate the excess through urination.

Metabolism breaks food down and turns it into energy. A fast metabolism burns more calories than a slow one. Water is an essential component in your metabolism's chemical reactions, so if you're not drinking enough, you won't burn as many calories as you can.

The effects of dehydration on weight loss are many:

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— The Role of Pure Water In Dieting

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