Pure Water Systems BEV-Series Drinking Water Filters / Purification Systems
have been laboratory tested and certified to conform to the
BEV standards for purity and bio-compatibility.

Replacement Filter Modules For Legacy Systems


— Replacement Filter Modules For Legacy Systems (6000 Series)

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6000 Series (6000, 6000X)

6000X model is identical to the Countertop System sold by John Thomas as the BfRV.

We no longer provide service or support for these systems. Please contact us to discuss your upgrade options.

Pure Water Systems previously offered the PRO line of water purification systems manufactured by Universal Water and sold through a number of different distributors including John Thomas (who originally re-labeled the systems as the BEV Series, but who now calls them BFRV Drinking Water Systems or the BFRV Restructuring System). The replacement parts listed below are 100% compatible with these systems.

NOTE: Some of these early designs used brass fittings to connect the tubing to the modules. Our newer modules have built in fittings that make make maintenance and filter changes much easier. Send us an email or call us and we'll be sure to include some extra tubing with your order. (The old tubing may not seal correctly in the new fittings.)

Price $13.75

5-Micron Sediment Pre-filter (10" Inline)   

The original 6000 Series systems shipped with brass connections, but these were prone to leakage after replacement. These newer modules include John Guest Speedfit® fittings allowing you to change filters without the need for any tools. Simply push the tubing into the fitting and you're done!

Replacement schedule: 6 - 12 months or as needed.

Price $30.00

Chlorbac Pre-filter (10" Inline)  

Containing a special mix of granular activated carbon and redox media, the Chlorbac filters' primary role is the removal of chlorine from the feed water (protecting the system's reverse osmosis membrane) and adsorption of organic contaminants. The redox media prevents bacterial growth in the filter body itself.

Replacement schedule: 6 - 12 months or as needed.

Price $40.00

MicroKlean Post-filter (10" Inline)  Out of Stock

The MicroKlean post-filter polishes the purified RO water and removes those contaminants only partially removed by reverse osmosis. This unique filter also contains several inches of granular activated carbon to polish the product water for a clean, fresh taste.

Replacement schedule: 6 - 12 months or as needed.

Regular $99.00
Ultimate $109.00
Ultimate Plus $119.00

Reverse Osmosis Membranes - BEV Tested & Approved  

The 6000 Series systems offered Regular, Ultimate, and Ultimate+ membranes. These membranes are tested in our lab to conform to BEV standards.

Replacement schedule: 2 - 3 years as needed.

If you are unsure which membrane you need, call or email us and we will be happy to help determine the correct membrane for your BEV system.

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