Pure Water Systems BEV-Series Drinking Water Filters / Purification Systems
have been laboratory tested and certified to conform to the
BEV standards for purity and bio-compatibility.

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PWS™ Reverse Osmosis & Deionization Drinking Water Filters Purifiers are WQA Gold Seal Certified

Member, Water Quality Association

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PWS™ BEV Series Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Drinking Water Purifiers are Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pure Water Systems products are proudly made in the United States of America.

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 water purification
   BEV 100 SERIES (Countertop Systems)  
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      Model BEV 100
40 GPD
      Model BEV 100pH (includes pHPlus™ module)
40 GPD
   BEV 200 SERIES (Bottle Filler)  
      Model BEV 200
40 GPD
   BEV 300 SERIES (Subsink Systems)  
      Model BEV 340 (limited availability—call us)
40 GPD
      Model BEV 340pH (limited availability—call us)
40 GPD
   BEV 500 SERIES (Subsink Systems)  
      Model BEV 500 (limited availability—call us)
40 GPD
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      Booster Pump - BEV 100 Series  
      Booster Pump - BEV 200 Series  
      Booster Pump - BEV 300 Series  
      pHPlus™ Alkalizing Module  
      TDS Meter (0-1999 ppm)  
      Faucet Adaptor Kit (metric, hose bib, & others)  
 replacement parts — current systems
BEV100 / BEV500 SERIES (Countertop, Sub-sink Systems)

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      Annual Filter Replacement Set,
      100/500 Series
save $4.00
      Sediment & GAC Pre-Filter
      RO Matched 4-Stage Deionization Module  
      BEV100 Series Reverse Osmosis Membrane
40 GPD
 BEV 200 SERIES (Bottle Filler System)

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      Annual Filter Replacement Set, 200 Series save $5.00
      Sediment & GAC Pre-Filter
      4-Stage Deionization Module (flat cap style)  
      BEV200 Series Reverse Osmosis Membrane
40 GPD
 BEV 300 SERIES (Sub-sink Systems)

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      Annual Filter Replacement Set, 300 Series save $8.95
      Sediment Pre-Filter
      Unidirectional GAC Pre-Filter — 2 required
      RO Matched 4-Stage Deionization Module  
      BEV300 Series Reverse Osmosis Membrane
40 GPD
      TCR6 Carbon Post-Filter  
 miscellaneous parts and supplies
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      Canister Filter Wrench
      (for BEV300 System Filter Changes)
      Faucet Aerator (BEV100 Systems)
      Black Reservoir Faucet (BEV100 Systems)
(BEV100 Res. faucet)
      100 Series Coupler & Umbilical
      Clear Plastic Lid for BEV100 Reservoir
      Flush Valve for BEV 100 Series
      Flush Valve for BEV 300 Series
      Fixed Elbow Fitting for DI Modules
      Calibration Solution pouch for TDS Meter
      Battery Pack (2 ea) for PRIMO TDS Meter
(PRIMO Battery)
      Storage Tank for BEV300 System
3 Gallon
      1/4" Pure Water Tubing
per foot
(tubing 1/4")
      Pressure Regulator, Inline
85 psi

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