Pure Water Systems BEV-Series Drinking Water Filters / Purification Systems
have been laboratory tested and certified to conform to the
BEV standards for purity and bio-compatibility.


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— Replacement Parts for the PWS™ BEV 300 Series

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PWS™ BEV Series Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Drinking Water Purifiers are Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Sadly, we've had to take a small price increase due to inflationary pressures. We're seeing price increases in raw materials and parts from all our vendors. We are proud to say this is only our second increase since we started offering systems back in 2003.

Annual Filter Replacement Set, 300 Series
                     Price $135.00                      

Annual Filter Replacement Set (PWS-AFRS-300)

Filter set for PWST BEV300 Series includes:
   1 ea. PWS-BEV300-SED sediment pre-filter,
   2 ea. PWS-BEV300-GAC carbon pre-filters and
   1 ea. PWS-BEV-DI deionization module.
    Save $8.95 vs. buying individually.

Price $5.00

Canister Wrench - Full Circle (FW-FC)

If you don't have one, you want one! (And one is all you'll ever need.)

When changing the pre-filters, having one of these wrenches will make the job much easier. If you've mounted your system to the sidewall of your cabinet and don't want to remove it, gripping the canisters firmly enough to loosen them can be difficult. This nifty little tool will simplify things greatly.

DO NOT USE to tighten the canister. Tighten canisters by hand only.

(We like to wear leather gloves when unscrewing the canisters. If a canister releases suddenly you might whack a knuckle so having a little protection between your skin and the adjacent canister will be welcomed!)

Price $11.95

Sediment Pre-Filter (PWS-BEV300-sed)

Everyone who manufactures a sub-sink system that includes reverse osmosis puts a sediment pre-filter ahead of the carbon filter and reverse osmosis element, and we're no different. But, unlike most other companies who use the cheapest filter they can obtain, we choose to use only the highest quality components in all the PWS™ BEV systems.

Our sediment pre-filter is a spunpoly, dual gradient, oleophyllic, industrial grade filter with exceptionally high dirt holding capacity.

Price $18.50

Granular Activated Carbon Pre-Filter (PWS-BEV300-GAC)
(requires 2 ea.)

The first major step in producing ultra pure BEV quality water is removal of chlorine, fluoride, and organic based contaminants. We accomplish this goal by using two granular activated carbon (GAC) pre-filters where other manufacturers typically use only one.

The GAC pre-filters in the PWS™ BEV-300 Series are uni-directional with lengthwise, not radial, flow for maximum contact time and adsorption. We've chosen a high grade, high capacity, dedusted, steam washed, bituminous grade granular activated carbon. With two GAC pre-filters, the 300 Series systems have over 400 acres of surface area assuring complete removal of organic contaminants.

Price $95.00

RO Matched, 4-Stage DI Module (PWS-BEV-DI)

The deionization module in all our systems is a unique, proprietary design licensed to Pure Water Systems, Inc. for use in the PWS™ BEV Series appliances. No other BEV system includes this unique 4-stage module.

The first stage of this module contains a proprietary nuclear grade deionization resin carefully engineered to extract whatever is not removed by our custom reverse osmosis membrane.

The second stage contains high grade, high capacity, dedusted, steam washed, bituminous grade, granular activated carbon to polish the product water for taste.

The third and fourth stages are designed to prevent the slightest potential of reverse migration of microorganisms.

Price $115.00

Custom Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The reverse osmosis membranes in the PWS™ BEV Series are custom rolled, spiral wound thin film composite membranes offering consistently high rejection rates.

Do not order these until needed. Membranes have a limited shelf life and should only be ordered when you are ready to replace them.

The consistently high rejection rates allow us to match the deionization resins in the 4-stage DI module (above) to those contaminants not typically removed by reverse osmosis; assuring your PWS™ BEV system is capable of producing ultra pure water meeting the Vincent standards for bio-compatibility.

Price $16.00

TCR Post Filter (PWS-TCR6)

This small GAC post-filter is included in the BEV300 Series systems to ensure the exceptional taste of pure BEV water.

As a polishing filter, the TCR6 includes even more of our carefully selected carbon—chosen for its hydrogen ion scavenging properties helping ensure the rigorous Vincent standards for biocompatibility and purity are met.

The TCR6 filter has a very long life. Replace when replacing the RO membrane.

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