I would like to take a couple of minutes to expound on my wonderful experience with my BEV system, as well as the excellent customer service at Pure Water Systems.

When I first started looking into water systems a couple of years ago, there were many questions I had as to finding the best system, due the plethora of systems and theories as to which is best. For instance, some said not to drink distilled water because of the lack of minerals or because it would leach minerals from one's bones. Others said that reverse osmosis is the only system which gets everything out. While still others talked about about alkaline water and it's antioxidant benefits or clustered water. Bob Vineyard, the owner of Pure Water Systems,, is an intelligent, friendly person who takes the time to answer all these questions thoroughly and scientifically from his engineering background. He helped debunk the myths and get to the facts.

I soon found that most the systems being sold were only telling half the story and that unless you bought a $10,000 distiller, you would not be getting everything out, that is, unless you bought a BEV for a fraction of the cost. Also, for those customers still wanting to try for themselves the alkaline filter, Bob has an alkaline addition which can be used with the BEV. At least this way you know you are getting all the contaminants out since most alkaline systems do not. If you have a system you are not sure about, just ask Bob and he will give you an honest comparison.

The second benefit of my BEV system is not having to lug 5 gallon glass jugs to Whole Foods in inclement weather such as snow and ice, and knowing I have plenty of good, clean water right at home.

The third benefit I have found with the BEV system is the ease of maintenance. All that is required is to turn on the faucet, turn a knob on the system, and let it run once a week for 5 minutes to help clean it.

Thanks Bob for the great product and great service!

Chris Camera, Columbus, OH


Hi PWS, I want to provide a synopsis of my new BEV340. To be honest, my old Pro 7000 system doesn't even compare. To start with, the quick-connect system makes it much easier to install than the old system. And the clear filter canisters make it easy to see when the filters are getting enough contaminate to require changing. The added De-Ionization filter adds a smoother quality to the finished product. Add to that the extra carbon filter, and the water is much nicer.

The system is delivering water at about double the flow rate of my old Pro 7000 system, which helps on the hot days doing yard work here in Texas since we have to hydrate more frequently than other parts of the country. You're service over the past several months in trying to assist with the old system made me determined to get one of your new ones as soon as it was feasible, and that kind of support/service is a rare find these days. May God Bless and keep you all well and safe. Thanks again for a superior product and exemplary service.

Roger Anderson, Waxahachie, Tx.

I purchased a PWS BEV-100 filter a few months ago. I just want to say thank you to PWS for such a great product. I'm extremely sensitive to the kind of water I drink, and PWS has helped me with this.

Special thanks to Bob Vineyard for patiently answering all my questions and helping me arrive at the right solution for my water filtration needs.

Kalyani Kompella, Atlanta, Georgia

I am very impresssed by your attention to my order. I am already recommending your water purification system. Neighbors come regularly to my house and fill jugs for drinking water. (They need to buy their own pure water system.) I will now speak highly of your customer service too.

I really appreciate doing business with an organization that values my future business and good will. I too often find myself making a purchase from someone who places emphasis on their short term profit over my long term satisfaction.

Your customer service is as refreshing as your water. Thank you.

Ben Shipp, Lexington, Kentucky

Thank you so much for helping me understand the differences between all the water treatment systems currently available. My head was spinning and I feared making the wrong choice. You were wonderful answering my many questions and I never felt you were trying to sell me, which I really appreciate. My husband was a bit skeptical, but when the unit arrived he made several comments about the quality construction.

We're both thrilled with our new BEV100 system. The water tastes absolutely amazing (just like you said it would), and we love the design of the cabinet—it looks great in our kitchen. Our children seem to enjoy the water too. I find myself pouring them much more water these days and less of the sweetened drinks they'd become so accustomed to.

Cynthia L., Atlanta, Georgia

Hello PWS, I wanted to let you know that I installed the 300 system yesterday, and am very happy with it. I have had a lot of RO systems, but this is the best tasting water I have experienced. I will be in touch, soon most likely, to buy another unit for a second house.

Phil W., Carefree, Arizona

I was starting to feel better as a result of eating better and exercising, but I really started to feel different after buying one of your BEV systems. Its hard to describe really, but I can notice a difference in how my body responds to this water. I find it easy to drink 2 quarts per day like you recommended. I feel tired less often and overall my energy level seems much higher than before. Plus, the headaches which have plagued me for years have become far less frequent and severe.

Thanks for all your advice. Your product is great and your level of service is first-class all the way.

Kathi P., San Francisco

Yesterday we have received our new BEV-100 series unit. This was very fast (4 days) considering that we live in Australia. We had no problem installing it at all. You were right with all the information you provided. The water tastes great and the unit is very impressive. It is obviously made of the highest quality materials and looks very sophisticated.

It appears to me that this BEV water has excellent hydrating or wetting properties, quenches thirst very well, and is very refreshing. It is hard to be dehydrated with this excellent water. I never new I could drink this much water voluntarily without trying to force myself “because it is good for me.”

Thanks for the excellent service.

Janos R., Wangi Wangi, Australia

I had been looking for the best possible water filter/purifier for my family for several months when I found your literature in my doctor's office. I asked my doctor why he chose the PWS™ systems vs. all the other systems on the market, and he said your's was the only system capable of completely removing heavy metals. He told me even the smallest traces of heavy metals can be very strong allergy inducing substances, and one of the most common places we pick up heavy metals is in drinking water.

We've had our PWS™ BEV-340 system now for three months. Your product appears to be extremely well made. When I compared it to the other systems I was considering I was very impressed, and the lifetime warranty is far, far better than the others. Last, but certainly not least, the water tastes absolutely great and we've all started drinking more water and less soda and tea.

Thanks for making such a great product -- its nice to find a company that cares about the customer.

Timothy M. and family, Chicago, IL

For the last 15 years I've been keenly interested in all the different water technologies available, and have purchased several different systems, including a distiller, a reverse osmosis system, and one of the alkaline water machines. When I found Pure Water Systems on the internet I was happy to find a company that made sense of all these different ideas on water.

After several conversations with your staff I purchased one of the 100-Series units and from the moment I opened the box I was extremely impressed with everything about my new system. The attention to detail and overall quality of this unit is much better than any of my previous systems, and the water tastes unbelievably fresh and clean.

I couldn't be more pleased.

Michelle B.,  Dallas, TX

My PWS™ BEV-340 system installed easily under my kitchen sink and has continually furnished pure water for the past six months without a hitch. Friends tell me it is the best tasting water they have ever enjoyed.

The most impressive feature I have enjoyed about the PWS™ BEV-340 is the service I have received from the supplier. I have only to send an e-mail to the president of Pure Water Systems and I receive a response within 24 hours that contains detailed information regarding my question. What other company allows a customer to talk directly to the company president and receive back a prompt, detailed, accurate and friendly response?

I highly recommend Pure Water Systems to anyone who is interested in good health.

Guy S.,  Clarksville, TN

I can't believe it! I can't believe how good this water tastes.

I recently installed a PWS™ BEV-300 Series system (under the counter model) in my home and removed the carbon filter I had attached to my faucet. I thought my tap water was OK, but sometimes it didn't taste very good, so I bought a carbon filter. When my city started adding chloramines I noticed I was getting pains in my kidneys.

When I switched to the PWS™ BEV system the pain went away in about 10 days. Plus, I can't believe how easy it is to drink this water. I bought a 32oz container so I could always take water with me, and I find myself drinking over 3 quarts per day.

Like I said, I can't believe the difference in the quality of the water. I'm hooked!

Arnie M.,  Tampa Bay, FL

After years of hauling bottled water and doing an exhaustive search for the best countertop water purifier, I am very happy with my BEV-100 unit from Pure Water Systems. It is the most sensible and comprehensive system I could find. I love being able to turn on the tap and have a reservoir full of fresh, clear water whose purity I feel confident about. It is also easy to maintain (a big issue for me) and looks quite wonderful on the kitchen counter. I am especially grateful to Bob V. at Pure Water Systems for cheerfully providing so much information in response to my endless stream of questions, without any sales pressure. Every aspect of purchasing and using this system has exceeded my expectations, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Thanks always, Bob!

Carol S.,  Minneapolis, MN

I just want to thank your customer service department for the prompt and detailed follow up to a small problem I had when I first installed my new system:

There was a small leak at one of the fittings on the underside on my BEV-100 system. I emailed customer service and recieved a response in less than an hour. Once we identified exactly where the leak was located, your rep was very kind and courteous... he reminded me he'd have a replacement part out immediately if necessary, but asked that I try to remove then re-insert the tubing at that particular fitting. Well, that did the trick and the leak stopped.

I really appreciated your rep never gave me the feeling the problem was my fault or that I had done something wrong. Even though I tend to be a little anxious about mechanical systems in general, I was gently walked through the steps and we solved the problem over the phone in just a few minutes.

I'm delighted with my new system, and greatly appreciate dealing with a company that seems to really care about its customers. Thank you.

Shiela H., Incline Village, NV

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