Pure Water Systems BEV-Series Drinking Water Filters / Purification Systems
have been tested to conform to the BEV standards
for purity and bio-compatibility.



— TDS Meter

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PWS™ BEV Series Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Drinking Water Purifiers are Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The most effective way to monitor the performance of your reverse osmosis membrane is through the use of a TDS (or resistivity) meter. If you follow the regular maintenance schedule for your BEV system, the custom rolled RO membrane will typically perform to BEV specifications for 2-3 years and sometimes longer (depending on source water conditions.)

The PRIMO meter can be ordered direct from Hanna Instruments, or is available on Amazon.com. After adding the cost of shipping, we simply can't compete with their pricing!

The microprocessor-based Primo series by Hanna® Instruments allow for one touch calibration and automatic compensation for temperature to produce consistent readings over the entire measurement range. Variations in temperature contribute to changes in TDS readings as much as 2% per degree Centigrade. The Primo meters utilize automatic temperature compensation to produce consistent readings at a reference temperature and to ensure TDS readings always reflect the correct concentration.

The testers are equipped with exclusive BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System) to prevent erroneous readings due to low power. When it is time to change the batteries, a message appears on the LCD.


Replacement batteries and Calibration Solution...
You can order these on our Price Sheet page under "Miscelleneous Parts & Supplies."


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