PWS® BEV-200 series countertop reverse osmosis / deionization
water purification systems have been tested to conform
to the bev standards for purity and bio-compatibility.


PWS™ BEV-100 Series countertop reverse osmosis / deionization water filter purifier provides 100% pure, contaminant free drinking water.
PWS™ BEV-200 Portable Bottle Filler  $699.00

Announcing availability of the all new PWS™ BEV-200 Series Bottle Filler—a compact, portable system without a storage reservoir. Simply drop the output tubing into your own storage vessel and create your own 100% pure bottled drinking water.

Designed to be a “bottle filler” the BEV-200 is an extremely portable reverse osmosis + deionization water purification system. Mounted inside a durable plastic toolbox, this water filter will save you hundreds of dollars per year vs. buying bottled water.

All PWS™ BEV Series water filters provide complete removal of any & all contaminants found in your drinking water including:

Our unique multi-phase water filters will outperform every other water purification system on the market. We invite you to test us against any other water filter (even distillers) to see the difference yourself.

countertop reverse osmosis portable drinking water filters purifiers Easy and Convenient

Now you can have an unlimited supply of pure, fresh, great tasting water for drinking, cooking, coffee, tea, baby formula, crystal clear ice, and for your pets. PWS™ BEV water filters offer you and your family the ultimate in water purity and biocompatibility.

The BEV-200 system operates exactly like the BEV-100 with one exception—you fill your own bottles. (The upper half of the BEV-100's cabinet is a 2.2 gallon storage reservoir.) To see just how easy installation and maintenance is for the BEV-100 system, watch the installation video.

countertop drinking water filters purifiers 100% Pure, BEV Quality Drinking Water

PWS™ BEV-Series water purifiers include a patented reverse osmosis (RO) and deionization (DI) process. This multi-phase system completely removes dissolved salts, nitrates, heavy metals, chemical pollutants, pesticides, and disease causing waterborne bacteria and virus. (EPA EST. NO. 52531-FL-01)

countertop reverse osmosis drinking water filters purifiers Portable

Designed for apartment dwellers, renters, and motor-homes the new PWS™ BEV-200 Series is a portable unit housed in a rugged plastic tool box. The coupler connects easily to almost any faucet. And when you are done filling your storage bottles, the BEV-200 can be closed up and stored away!

home water treatment systems Custom Rolled Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane

Off-the-shelf RO membranes used in the majority of reverse osmosis systems simply do not provide the consistency necessary to ensure BEV quality water. Outside of laboratory conditions other membranes seldom meet their stated specifications. Our exceptional reverse osmosis membrane provides for consistently high rejection rates, even in real world conditions.

reverse osmosis drinking water filters purifiers Proprietary Deionization Module

Typical RO systems remove only 60-80% of fluoride, nitrates, and radioactive contaminants. By including our unique deionization module the PWS™ BEV systems remove greater than 99% of these (and any other) toxic contaminants.

reverse osmosis drinking water purification filtration systems 5-Year Warranty

bottled water, delivered water Affordable (Save $$ vs. Bottled or Delivered Water)

With a cost of just pennies per gallon, the PWS™ BEV-100 systems pay for themselves very quickly when compared to bottled / delivered water which averages ~79¢/gallon. If you use 2 gallons per day, you'll save over $400 per year! Plus, you'll have confidence you are providing your family the ultimate in pure drinking water regardless of whatever new exotic chemical is found next in our water supplies.

countertop reverse osmosis DI BEV water filter systems Other Features Include:

Countertop Reverse Osmosis drinking water filters Portable RO DI Water Filters Purifiers Countertop Reverse Osmosis drinking water filters
  Picture above shows typicall setup of the BEV200... attach coupler to faucet, place your container in the basin, and turn on the cold water. Thats all there is to it.

Not the most glamorous water filter, but it isn't designed to be pretty, just effective!


PWS™ BEV-100 Series countertop reverse osmosis deionization drinking water filter / purifier produces Ultra Pure BEV Drinking Water.
PWS™ BEV-200 Bottle Filler  $699.00

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